This is a classic compost, but with a trick up its sleeve: it's supercharged. High-quality compost typically undergoes a heating and cooling cycle in which microbial life flourishes. We've introduced a Secondary Activation Phase(TM) in which organically approved ingredients are added at a specific stage, resulting in a unique bio-catalytic effect. Nutrients are metabolized by microbial life in the compost and are more readily available to your plants. Purple Cow Activated introduces humus to assist in soil aggregation, making nutrients more available for plant uptake.

Add to your soil to make your vegetables, fruits, and plants happier!
OMRI Listed
All Natural
Reduces Watering
Contains Essential Plant Nutrients
Peat Free
Excellent for Use with All Plants
Easy to Use soil amendment

Part Number: 598770
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Purple Cow Potting Mix offers superior performance because it's scientifically formulated so readily available nutrients get your plants off to a good start. Excellent for large or small containers and has excellent moisture-holding characteristics. Environmentally friendly because it is peat-reduced and contains organic fertilizer that's not petroleum-based.

For growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers in containers
OMRI Listed for organic use
Excellent for Use with All Plants
Reduce Watering
Contains essential plant nutrients - Feeds up to 2 months
Easy to Use
Allowable for use in Organic Production
Environmentally friendly

Part Number: 598775
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Help your plants absorb more nutrients from the soil. This 4-6-4, granular formulation is 100% organic and safe to use around kids and pets. Contains a special blend of aerobically composted turkey litter, feather meal, sulfate of potash, humic acid plus endomycorrhizal fungi to make the nutrients more available to plants. Also contains Nutrient Density Booster which increases the micronutrients found in soil. Helps prevent fruit drop, stunted roots and plant stress. For gardeners, all this means healthier soil, increased yields and larger, tastier crops. Ideal for increasing fertility in gardens, raised beds, containers and lawns without having to haul bulky bags of compost. Either topdress or mix with soil at the time of planting. Covers up to 250 square feet. Resealable tub.

Part Number: 598780
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An all-purpose, easy-to-use treatment for plants and soil. It's as easy as making tea for yourself - just steep a compost tea bag in water for 20 minutes, stir occasionally and apply to either the foliage of plants or the soil. Each tea bag will make 1 gallon of compost tea, providing essential nutrients to plants along with humic acid and organic matter to soil. Each gallon of Compost Tea can be applied to up to 250 square feet of garden when using a sprayer, though heavier application rates are better. Perfect for flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Ideal for containers, hanging baskets, potted plants, gardens, raised beds and planter boxes. Each package contains 12 compost tea bags.

Part Number: 598785
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